CI for World Language Teachers: 5 Ways to Enrich Your Second Language Skills Over the Summer

"CI" for World Language Teachers: 5 Ways to Enrich Your Second Language Skills During The Summer
The summer is the perfect time to relax, go on vacation and to tackle that never-ending to-do list. It is also a time to  ENRICH and/or CULTIVATE the language you so love and teach. This post is geared toward non-native speakers and teachers of a World Language who are looking for ideas to keep their language skills sharp during the lazy hazy days of summer.  
1. Take Full Advantage of the Series and Shows on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime In the last few years, there has been an explosion of Foreign Language Films. My father-in-law, my go-to person for Netflix series, has even started watching Turkish movies and soap operas; he loves them! Netflix has a lot to offer for those who speak and understand Spanish and French. and  have made some bonafide suggestions over the past year.
Similar to how and why we provide comprehensible …

¡Qué Chévere! Novels and Resources that Highlight Colombia

El Último Viaje  A Comprehensible Input Novella by A.C Quintero, Voces Digital & Teacher's Discovrery 

My newest novel is the fruit of a wonderful collaboration between Voces Digital by Teacher's Discovery and myself. El Último Viaje will be part of their Nuestra Historia Curriculum, as well as my collection of CI novels. Click this link to find out more about this new CI novel that chronicles the journey of Valeria, and up-and-coming- model from Medellín, whose life takes a series of unexpected turns. 
Agradecimientos: A huge thanks to Erin Almeratti, Voces Digital for giving me the opportunity to tell this story! 
A huge thanks to Diego Ojeda y Diego Cuadrado for their contribution in helping me keep a good balance in the novel! 

El Último Viaje is inspired by true events. This is a story about a middle-class model from Medellín, Colombia, whose thirst for fame lead her to the center of some controversial decisions. My impetus from writing this novella stemmed from an article …