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                  La clase de confesiones 

La clase de confesiones 

Expose students to valuable school and classroom vocabulary with this drama-filled short novela: La clase de confesiones. Your students will appreciate the continuous exposure to regular present tense verbs, classroom items, classes, and a cast of crazy characters, an a classroom crush gone awry...and it's kind of the teacher's fault! "La clase de confesiones" will intrigue, entertain, and most of all, make learning Spanish super easy and fun! 

La clase de confesiones is written almost entirely in the present tense. It is the perfect novel for reviewing school vocabulary, classes, relationships, basic Spanish I structures in the Target Language, and, of course "el amor."

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Hablando se entiende la gente :Cultivating Spontaneous Conversation in the WL Classroom

How Do We Encourage Spontaneous Speaking in the WL Classroom? Like this! 

  was thoroughly intrigued by Amy Lenord's post on The Power of Just Talking.Not only because I agree that it is a good practice, but speaking is the "core" of what we do in this "labor of love." We give copious amounts of input, engage students in a wide range of language-building activities so that they can speak, and do it somewhat naturally. However, sometimes as language teachers, we over think things. I certainly do. Amy's blog post The Power of Just Talking resonated with me and challenged me to think more about this 'gift" that students already have. And don't worry about them making errors- we learn from our failures, and we fail forward. 

Spontaneous Speaking and the Creative Student 

Spontaneous speaking has always been at the forefront of my teaching philosophy, but not for pedagogical reasons necessarily. I've just always been interested in what students h…