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Increasing communication in the class with language carousels

Language Carrousels integrated with reading from the very first day!

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How to get students talking in the target language the first day of class: A new twist on a routine strategy. 
The first week of school is always exiting for freshmen students, especially those who have not taken a Spanish as a second language. From the very first day, I encourage students to speak only in the target language. Like most teachers, I start my stating my name in the language as a model and then asking by them to state theirs. We go around until we get the hang of it. 

During the first week, I usually engage students in this About Me activity,which is all in the target language.  The activity is loaded with simple at a glance cognates that really require no front loading.  It is also a great activity for ESL students who would benefit from compound words and Latin roots. 

Output Rich Activity play by play 
1. First, s…