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Cine Latino: 5 Activities for using series, short films and movies in Spanish class!

Get students talking with these five activities!Free movie starter kit, click below!Using film and series is a great way to engage students in the culture as well as the language. Students learn so many incidental vocabulary words, structures, not to mention the nuanced cultural customs that seep through via film. 

 Secondly, using film is a surefire way to get students talking. The activities presented in this post were engineered to get students talking and, boy did the talk!  This month I got to introduce some of my favorite short and full feature films and series from Latin American and Spain. The goal was to get students talking in Spanish much like they do in their English classes. Here is what I did the facilitated the lesson:

Conversation Circle and Interview Activity  To introduce the lesson, we discussed favorite books and movies. These lively conversations inevitably led to words and ideas that would comprise our vocabulary list. From here I created a simple vocabulary list an…