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Spice-it-up writing prompts for world language class!

R.I.P. Summer VacationSummer has finally come to an end. The agenda-less days of sun-bathing and endless Netflix binge-watching are now in the rearview mirror. We now look forward the long and winding road that leads us through the peaks and valleys of the new school year. What if we take a trip down memory lane? What if we could go back to the picture perfect day that might have defined our summer? That is exactly what this activity allows students to do. I planned this R.I.P. Summer activity for the first or second day of class (we start next week). To see other activities for the first couple of weeks of class, or just a few good "I want to know you activities" click here for Spanish levels 1and 2Click hereif you want something more engaging for your upper level students. 
La Maquina de Tiempo activity invites students to describe their picture perfect summer day. This activity is an alternative to "Write about what you did this summer"  a writing prompt, I us…

Redefine your first weeks of Spanish class, and beyond!

How to use input-rich videos for structuring simple activities in Spanish class 
This week I decided to change things up a bit. This was my second week of classes, and I wanted to immerse my students as much as possible to the wonderful world of language. One of the limitations we may have in doing that in the lower-levels, is the lack of vocabulary and familiarity with Spanish. That's where this amazing Spanish video resource came in!

In keeping with my theme: Spanish Spanish from the very first day (check out these posts on "quick win" Spanish usage and cultural immersion), we took a plunged, and they loved it! Although the featured video is purely authentic, the words flashing across the screen, and the enthusiastic people from all walks of the Spanish-speaking world, made it culturally rich, and down-right enjoyable. I got a lot of mileage out of this video. Check out these free resource by clicking the link below:

Authentic Spanish Video Free Resource

You may also w…

New spin on teaching the date, and other boring things! Mix it up with these input-rich activities

Use this detective activity to practice dates, numbers, time and more in Spanish 1Click here for activity!

I  am always looking for creative ways to teach important vocabulary and grammatical points that form the ABC's of learning Spanish.  I have become a detective in a way myself,  constantly looking for ways to spice up a lesson to deliver content that is original and fun for me as well.

I love role play, creating stories and dialogues that contextualize to such a way that students learn more than they bargain for incidentally. This method has earned many dividends over the span of my 14 year career.

This year, I have found a new twist to teaching the days of the week, dates and other ancillary but important building blocks to the language.

At my school, we do not use the Realidades series, but I happened to stumble upon the connected series Eres Tú María a few years ago; and I have shown it ever since. It can be found on Youtube and Vimeo. This series is wonderful in starting…