Promoting Sticking Power with Multiple Interactions with the Same Text

 Facilitating Thinking and Learning with Chat Stations 

This post is the third in a four series lesson on Identity for my upper level Spanish class.  

Part 1: Taking of the Mask 
Part 2: Comprehensible Culture 

Right before administering a reading assessment that draws on the article students read, the videos and discussion in class (see posts 1 and 2), I decided to enact Chat Stations in the class. I learned about this idea from the Cult of Pedagogy last year during my unit on Arte. After discussing questions at the Chat Stations, students felt that the were more prepared to engage in the reading assessment.

The Benefits of Chatting it out

We have 90 minute block periods in my school.  I made sure that students, prior to taking the assessment, had additional time to process the concepts and ideas from the reading and the video. For their warm up activity, they had re-engage with the text with the question on the slide.

This activity allowed students to interact again with the text and clarify their learning. After the warm up activity they shared out. I did not allow them to use the reading during the test because:

  •  We had read it last class
  • They read it for homework again and took notes
  • They had the questions to the right as a warm up
  •  30 minutes of Chat Stations questions designed to help them dig deeper. 
 I thought they could do a good job in discuss the global themes and give examples with all of those tasks under their belt. 

Click here for the Power Point I used for Chat Stations . I had actually given students a printout of the questions in addition to having them taped to the station. It ran pretty smoothly, I went around to each group to listen in and engage in the conversation.  For the reading test they had to recall information about identity, read cases about adolescentes and determine what was the root cause-related to texts and video. It was fun. 

Helpful links

Chat Stations

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We are finally getting to this next week!

La Identidad Flexible: Diversity and the Politics of Identity:  Debate en Argentina sobre la Ley de la Identidad