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Guernica- The Art of War- Resources for teaching Guernica

The Art of War: Problem-based learning unit

The Art of War is my unit title for teaching about Guernica. I started this unit a few years ago as a middle school teacher, and now that I am at a high school, it blossomed considerably. Our finale to the Spanish Civil War unit, for which you can access information here, was this mini-unit on Guernica, which includes a PBL action component. After learning about the reasons undergirding this powerful piece of protest art, students had to dig deep and find a cause that was Guernica worthy and start the creative process of bringing awareness to their issue. Guernica was our inspiration or muse for the resultant personal projects (collages are below, but this is only the first part). You can see the planning documents and first part of the projects below. 

Starting with Guernica

To pique students' interest in Guernica, I used a few videos on the subject from Youtube, one being this awesome trailer of Guernica to the left. Although students had…

PBLL Style: Comprensible Input Meets Inquiry-based Learning

La Guerra Civil Española- PBLL Style: Comprensible Input Meets Inquiry-based Learning!
For those of you Spanish teacher history buffs, I want to say that I am totally a novice when it comes to teaching the Spanish Civil war.  Many years ago, I did a Guernica unit for my 7th-grade students (materials coming soon!), and we did not take a deep dive into the Spanish Civil war. This year, I am teaching Spanish 4, and our school is embarking on a PBLL curriculum; I choose the revive that old unit. This will be a two-part blog post; the first part lays the groundwork for the unit, building content knowledge, and engagement in project-based learning, and second post dives into the Guernica and the PBL inquiry-action component, all in Español! Here is my story. 
Shifting Approach to Teaching Language
I'd like to echo Spanish Mama's sentiment when she stated in a previous blog post that her philosophy of teaching was "evolving" )check out her post here.)  This has definitely beco…

Hook your Spanish 2/3 students with this free two-chapter preview with questions...Casi me mata el celular

Casi me mata el celular, level 3 (or 2) Novel for Spanish class!  Lots of action, wit and an uncanny romance all rolled into a cautionary tale about being a good digital citizen!
 Last summer, I wanted to write a story that would pique the interest of young boys/men in the class. There is quite a body of L1 research highlighting the discrepancy between girls and boys reading habits and interest. In the world language classroom, I have seen with my own students how the girls gobble up literature and the boys, well, they take time in finding their "reading stride." Well, in this story, there is something for everyone, all while providing a narrative that will help phone-crazed students to think twice before they record something. This action-packed novel is perfect for level 3, although at my school they read it for level 2 especially if you are teaching/reviewing the preterite and imperfect tenses; even better if you are discussing family, friendships, technology, and decision…