Hook your Spanish 2/3 students with this free two-chapter preview with questions...Casi me mata el celular

El Escape "Casi me mata el celular" level 3 (or 2) Novel for Spanish class!  Lots of action, with and an uncanny romance all rolled into a cautionary tale about being a good digital citizen!

El Escape: Casi me mata el celular is a comprehensible/Language-learner novel for levels 2/3. The novels is written in the past tense with approximately 400 new words. 
New words are non-cognates such as: estaba, tenía, dijo, etc. The 19 illustrations help students get a visual of the action taking place! 

This novel could be a perfect addition to your classroom library or as a classroom novel as it features: 

-A compelling storyline about teens 
-Tons of vocabulary related to technology 
-Relatable "family" situations
-Teaches a lesson on how not to abuse/misuse technology. 

If teaching this as a class novel, check out the discounted class sets here. The teacher's manual (50 activities) will be free with any order, for a limited time. 

Background on the Novel 
This comprehensible and action-packed novel, El escape was conceived with the purpose of "enganchando" the boys in the class and adding details that would involve them in the story. There is mild violence in addition to an allusion to popular video games that surround the problem-saturated drama. Although this novel, is great for boys, the girls won't shy away, there is something here for everyone (very odd blooming romance from two unlikely characters-unnervingly hilarious). 

So, if your students are looking for a crime/suspense novel with a bold adventure, "El escape" will satisfy your students' thrill-seeking thirst. The story could be a great addition to your FVR library or a class novel, as it ties into the relationship even a quick class read. It comes with a Teacher Manual with 50 activities that include speaking, writing and reading comprehension in addition to vocabulary lists. 

Check out the specs:

Vocabulary: Technology related/ Crime 
Target structures: Preterite, Imperfect, some subjunctive

Federico, Damián, and Rubén are your typical teens. They play sports, skateboard, and watch pranks on Youtube; they've even mastered filming some of their own pranks at their favorite hangout: la librería. This abandoned bookstore is far away from the adult supervision that seeks to threaten their fun. However, the night of Friday the 13th, their joke goes sour when they stumble upon an uncanny situation. In an effort to satisfy their curiosity, they witness something that will change their lives forever. Now they have to make it out of the sticky situation, alive. 

"El escape" will take readers on a thrilling ride and compel them to contemplate the consequences on the other side of pressing the "Record" button. *There is one scene of violence, which is associated the event witnessed by the characters. 

Check out the book on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2E7EBRC