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El Cine Colombiano: 11 Activities for Teaching Film

Cine Colombiano- ¡Qué chévere! 

This year's film unit is taking even a steeper climb through the South American Continent.( Click here to see the post about 5 film activities for your class. Most activities are free! ) I've added two films to explore cultural themes and social issues while conversing in the target language.  

On a personal/pedagogical note, this year I have been learning about MovieTalk, a TPRS strategy for enhancing listening comprehension and focusing on structures. I am still learning about this key strategy in facilitating conversation using film, I am no way an expert, but I have incorporated some of those practices in my class (Check out my Wanna-be-Movietalk activity: Eight free engaging activities for teaching the preterit and imperfect tenses). I am slowing incorporating these strategies as I go. 
Shall we take a peek? ¡Dale!
Film unit vocabulary and activities- absolutely free. Engage your students in the following activities: 

1. Vocabulary matching- in …

Boost your students' fluency with These TPRS Friendly Novels and Short Stories for Spanish Class!

 Comprehensible Student Literature in Spanish (and French)Resource Page 
Looking for student-friendly novels and/or short stories for Spanish (or French) class? TPRS/CI novels are perfect for language learners because they couple the principles of language acquisition (repetition/compelling storylines) with students' interest. 
Check out the selection below. Whether you want to snag a book for your classroom library or get a set for the class, we've got you covered!

Spanish 1+ "La clase de confesiones" series is also available at Amazon, Fluency Matters,, Carlex &  La Clase de Confesiones (Spanish 1&2) La clase de confesiones: new look, same great story!

"La clase de confesiones" is the perfect novel for your Spanish level 1 students or review for Spanish 2. With several illustrations, this story is told mostly in the present tense and features essential vocabulary for discussing, school, classes, teachers, and of …