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4 Short Language Learner Stories for your Level 2 Spanish class, activities included!

4 Short Language Learner Stories for your Leve1 2 Spanish class that your students can't miss!

oh, did I mention that all reading activities are included!

Federico and his friends have a pretty simple life. They love to play basketball, soccer and go skateboarding at the park. They also love to go to their favorite hangout out, La librería Curioso: the only abandoned building left in an up and coming town. This space gives them the privacy they need to practice pranks and other hilarious stunts to upload to Youtube. But the night of Friday the 13, their jokes go sour. While shooting the breeze and popping firecrackers, they stumble upon an uncanny situation. In an effort to satisfy their curiosity, they witness something will change their lives forever. Now the boys have to try to make it out of this situation, alive.  

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This book is currently being reformatted with illustrations and a glossary! It will be available at the beginning of August on TPT and Amazon!

La fiesta inolvidable- Short Story for Spanish 2+
Activities included 

This story is dedicated to all the wanna-a-be party animals! Antonio learns a powerful lesson about throwing parties and following instructions... al pie de la letra. Check out the two chapter preview below. This story comes with a glossary and 5 reading comprehension activities. 

Lighten the mood with this short, funny and crazy story,"La fiesta inolvidable for level 2+.  Mostly told in the past tense, this story about an unsuspecting teen and his experience in throwing a party, albeit with a few hiccups, like his bratty sister who's smart as a whip, his crush with an overprotective father (her story is coming out) and a forgetful mother, well, her and Antonio might have this in common. La fiesta inolvidable will definitely lighten the mood in class as it is filled with funny situations, close calls, hilarious characters, and scenarios totally relatable to teens and best of all...TOTALLY COMPREHENSIBLE! Some of the thematic vocabulary includes: 

Click here to view on TPT

See two chapter preview below!

  • Family
  • House 
  • Travel
  • Relationships   
Prevalent Structures include: 
  • Preterite
  • Imperfect
  • Past perfect 
  • Some subjunctive
Students will definitely relate to the bothersome but crafty little sister (I think this character was inspired by my brother), the helicopter mom, impatient dad and, the cougar grandmother (okay, this one may be a little crazy, I"ll admit) and a host of friends who think they have all their bases covered (the youth these days!). The story also sprinkled with a few common Spanish saying such as "Ni papa" "Lo pasado, pasado está," and "Llevar la fiesta en paz" (well, this literally). If your students have ever tried to get away with something, which I sure they have, then this story will have them laughing at themselves and at the characters attempt to pull this party off (confession, my brothers and I threw parties all the time!). 

The story includes a glossary. Furthermore, unfamiliar "critical" words are also footnoted so students don't skip a beat. If you using this a quick class read, then great! You will definitely benefit from the student activities included in the packet.  It entails several activities for deeper engagement such as: 

  • Pre-reading questions 
  • Post-comprehension questions 
  • Preterite v.s. Imperfect activity 
  • Planning the perfect party activity 

                    A new short story for Spanish 2+. Activities included!

Mi abuelita tiene un móvil inteligente

"Mi abuelita tiene un móvil inteligente" is a short story for Spanish 2+ (although, I used this at the end of Spanish 1). This short story can be read individually as part of Free Voluntary Reading, or collectively as a whole classroom as the questions are included. I used this story as part of my technology unit. It includes many relevant terms that students used today to interact with technology such as "descargar una aplicación”, “subir una foto al Instagram”, “chatear con los amigos”, etc. Many of the words are naturally embedded into the context of the story and repeated.

Click here to check out two-chapter preview 

This resource included: 
1. Story " Mi abuelita tiene un móvil inteligente" 
2. Four sets of chapter questions- there are 4 chapters 
3. Technology Vocabulary list with information gap activity 
4. Pre-reading questions and writing activity 

Topics: Technology, Family Relationships, Online activities, Love 
Grammar: Preterite, Imperfect, Affirmative Commands 

Editable version of story included

Synopsis: Sara enjoys hanging out with her crazy "Primos" and “Tíos" at their weekly “Reunión” at "La casa de abuela.” From listening to her crazy aunt's tales about the adventures of internet dating to her grandmother's funny jokes (comprehensible & appropriate), she wouldn't want to be anywhere else on Sunday. However, this Sunday is super special because it is her grandmother's birthday, and Sara has just made her day by buying her a smart phone. While Sara teaches her “abuelita” how to use the smart phone, her grandmother discovers some “creative uses” for her new smart phone. Abuela Irma realizes even at 75 years old, her best years are ahead of her!

Me muero por María 

 TPRS/CI story with a glossary and free teacher's manual included. Me muero por María- is Short Story for Spanish 2+ (even Spanish 1 novice-mid). It features ample dialogue and comedic relief that will entertain your class while they acquire vocabulary and pick up idiomatic expressions.  Check out the 3 chapter preview, it is only the beginning! 

The big dance is just two weeks ago and Patricio is freaking out. He does not have a date to the party. All the girls are either taken, or have had some little run-ins with the “law.” He sets his sights on María, the girl he is dying to go on a date with. But he has a problem: he is awfully shy. “Entre la espada y la pared,” he turns to the only two people who can help him: his best friend Rodrigo, el doctor del amor, and his mom! Needless to say that their philosophies on relationships, widely differ, which puts our friend Patricio in a bind. However, things take an interesting turn when his buddy and “wing-man” “inadvertently” spills the beans on Patricio’s crush; now Patricio has to “close the deal.” Patricio embarks on uncharted territory and runs into other “unforeseen obstacles” in trying to get a date with María.  In a weird twist of events, he gets the surprise of his life, where the expression “Me muero por María” becomes almost literal!

Structures: 90% present tense 
Some present progressive (to keep action going) 
Many stem-changing verb combinations- yo quiero hablar, tú puedes comer, etc. 

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