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Infused Project-based Learning with these easy steps!

How to infuse problem-based thinking into your world language classroom
Fews years back when I was teaching in an International Baccalaureate middle school, I started the year dreamy-eyed with this cool social media project.  I could not wait to implement it.  Coming off a summer of PD around the Personal Project, a design cycle research project for students, I was sure this was going to be the year that we do big things and tackle relevant themes such: 
How do we interact with social media? What digital footprints are we leaving on the world? How to use social media thoughtfully and responsibly?
 I"d walk my students step by step in the target language. Then it happened. My hopes were dashed.  This critical and awe-inspiring week was met with three challenges: 
We had no working technology in schoolWe had no access to computers We could not use the textbook This was not going to work because the whole  crux of my plan was to get them to design their own websites of something of im…