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Free Reading for Using "Eres Tú María" by Prentice Hall in Spanish Class

I am always looking for ways to inject more readings and structured conversation into my curriculum. My level 1 students need it!  With Novice- low students being fairly new to the language, this can be problematic. However, I am learning that with a little dose of creativity, peppered by resourcefulness, I can make my class a language laboratory! And I may have found my niche with this older series from Realidades: Eres TÚ María.  I have never used the textbook from which the series hail, but the first 10 videos are on Youtube and/or Vimeo. Each year, we see about 5-7 episodes, and they are well worth it because: 

The language goes from simple to complex In terms of content, it is very safe (you don't have to preview it)It is fairly interesting, last year we talked about the sexism that the main character experienced as a female detective among her male counterparts You can provide ample input, and get ample output as well. 
With the accompanying text that I created, you can get e…